How does blogging help attract new visitors and convert leads?

You’ve likely heard that blogging can do great things for your business and online presence. And this is true! Well, sort of. This is sort of true. The simple act of blogging isn’t enough —  not by half. You need to blog well and you need to blog smart in order to see any sort of turn-around on your investment.

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In short, your blogs need to be original, consistent, and functional. That is, they need to offer something to the reader that he or she finds valuable enough to pull them in and make them willing to share their info. Only then will your blog be truly effective in attracting or converting new leads.  

Social media, SEO, and attracting new visitors

Blogs are at-bat for the #1 tool in drawing new potential leads to your site, particularly in the most cost-efficient manner. This is done through two chief routes: social media and search engines.

Adding new and original content to your site is the best and simplest way to get your web presence boosted. A consistently updated blog proves to the web crawlers at Google (or any other search engine, for that matter… I mean, I guess. You should probably use Google, though) that your site is active and should be appropriately monitored for new content. Each time you post a blog, it is one more page that could be potentially picked up in a search and draw in new organic web traffic.   

Social media is another huge component in the overall web-presence challenge. With the right shares on such platforms, getting your information in front of new potential leads can become a great deal easier. Blogs offer the perfect shareable content on social media channels. They are short, to-the-point pieces (at least, they should be) that present your authority and unique voice on any given subject matter and can help expose your business to new audiences.      

Building trust and converting leads

When you have new traffic coming to your site to as a result of your blogs, it’s your job to convert these visitors into leads. Each blog should contain information that makes visitors view you as a potential asset.

The majority of the time, leads through blog posts are generated through a call-to-action mentioned somewhere on the page. This is an offer promoted to site visitors, often in the form of a “button” (not unlike the one at the bottom of this very page), given to them in exchange for some basic information.

Are you offering a free e-book about your company or industry? Perfect! Build yourself up and link to that somewhere in your blog. Have you done research into a specific field-related topic and have results ready to share in a free webinar? Craft your CTA around it! The contact information — usually an email address — your reader inputs into the landing page in exchange for that e-book or webinar is invaluable to your sales team, and will help convert site traffic into leads.  

Now, while you need to utilize blogs as a way to low-key sell your brand, what you don’t want to do is sound like a salesman. By their very nature, blogs are supposed to have a conversational feel. They are not meant to “pitch” anything, at least not on the surface. Doing this throws the conversational tone out the window and hampers any sense of trust that could otherwise be fostered. So keep things light and educational, and try to have a little fun.  

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