BIGSHOT reboots Poole Fire Protection website

New website helps small, woman-owned business in Olathe prevent fires around the world
Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H reboots website focused on preventing fires around the world.

“Fire protection is incredibly important to us and to our clients,” said Melissa Kelley, Business Development Coordinator for Poole Fire Protection. “We want a web site that makes it easy to get to the solution and easy to get to us. AGENCY H takes its work as seriously as we take ours. We are thrilled with the new site!”

Poole Fire Protection launched its new web site March 19. New features include an improved visually engaging design, an Engineer’s Blog and a news feature that allow users to keep up with developments within the company. “The website web site reflects the responsiveness and innovation Poole offers as a small firm while capturing the depth and quality of its solutions. The whole team at AGENCY H and Poole did an incredible job,” adds AGENCY H CEO/Founder Jeff Henry.

Poole Fire Protection is made up of licensed fire protection engineers and certified design professionals in 30 states. Offering the full spectrum of fire protection engineering services and expert witness services in legal cases, Poole has worked with individual building owners, architectural and engineering firms and local, state and federal agencies in over 400 cities worldwide.