BIGSHOT launches sites for Malley Surgical and YMCA

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H is pleased to announce the launch of the updated web site for Malley Surgical Weight Loss Center of Kansas City and the new YMCA web site.

“May and June have been busy months for us,” said AGENCY H CEO/Founder Jeff Henry. “I am thrilled with what our team has accomplished.”

“We are so grateful to AGENCY H for their sensitivity and attention to what is important to our visitors,” said Angel Rattay, Practice Administrator for Malley Surgical. “This is a very sensitive and scary time for our clients. We wanted visitors to feel safe and that help is easy to find.”

“We are thrilled with the new site,” said Gretchen Deaton, VP Marketing and Communication for the Kansas City YMCA. “We have so many wonderful programs and activities that are vital to the communities they serve and our challenge was to make sure those communities could easily learn about these programs. AGENCY H performed a wonderful service for us and as a result Summer 2009 is shaping up to be a great one for our kids and their families!”