A BIGSHOT internship from an intern’s perspective

my exerience with the AGENCY H intern program
Recently, one of our interns jotted down a few thoughts about her experience at AGENCY H. Isabel worked with AGENCY H for approximately three months as a Junior Social Media Coordinator, and enjoyed her time at the company enough to share her wisdom.

Note that the stock photo used for this article does not include Isabel. It’s a stock photo. Isabel would never be so inaccurate with her high fives. Nor would she ever fall asleep during a high five like the guy on the right. Anyway…

Aside from her remarks about our Hunger Games style survival of the fittest internship selection process, her review was very positive. Here’s what she had to say:

AGENCY H was one of the most fun work experiences I’ve had. I was the social media intern for a short, but substantial three months. AGENCY H made my first ever internship a little less threatening than I imagined it would be with its puppy friendly workplace, and all around easy-going feel. And even though the workplace was easy-going, I felt the work I was helping to create was important. AGENCY H gave me what I was looking for: an introduction to the world of inbound marketing. How many college freshmen can say they had this kind of experience? Not many I’d say. Less than three percent?

One of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments of this experience was earning my HubSpot inbound certification. HubSpot does an amazing job creating an interesting curriculum that entertains and educates. Considering the length of the test and difficulty of the questions, I’m glad the materials all made sense. I really feel like I am walking away with a valuable skill to complement my education.

On a practical level, I got to produce actual social media postings on actual social media platforms for actual clients. I took a lot of pride in showing my friends and family our work at AGENCY H. The account services team got to know my sense of humor, and encouraged me in using my own voice when appropriate.

This was my first office experience, and I’m hoping my next career-related adventure is just as amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed a very cool work space with three unique canine colleagues. Each had their own fun personality. Murray, head of office security, offered tons of great snapchat material on the daily. Everyone enjoys a good pug. Thursday coffee from the CoffeeCakeKC truck is the perfect end of the week treat.

I’ve heard stories from friends who had internships and left with very little knowledge or useful skills. This was not the case for me at AGENCY H! It was clear that Elizabeth squared (Elizabeth Berrick and Elizabeth Becker) had created a true internship experience — because I actually earned a great deal of experience.

I’m excited to begin the interview process for my internship replacement (but seriously who can replace me? *wink*). I hope it’s someone who comes into this experience with a great attitude and a desire to really learn something. Reminds me of someone… Thanks for everything, AGENCY H!

Well, thank you too, Isabel! We love to hear that our interns are learning valuable career experience and establishing advantageous work connections. Plus, that coffee truck is awesome! We hope you keep in touch. From all of us at AGENCY H Inbound, we sincerely appreciate your hard work, and we know you’ll do great things in the future.

If you’re looking for an internship of your own, AGENCY H still has plenty of experience to share! Our intern program can help you get started on your career path with the knowledge and skills you need to become successful in the field of inbound marketing. Furthermore, if you’re looking to gain the upper hand before starting that career path, read our blog and peruse our downloadable resources to become an inbound marketing expert in no time! And for the record, a whole bunch of us here at AGENCY H started as interns.