BIGSHOT Inbound wins two ADDY Awards

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H Inbound won two ADDY awards during the ceremony last Saturday. Only being beaten by internationally known marketing firms, including Barkley and VML, AGENCY H snagged a silver award for the MegaForce website, in the category ‘Website- B-to-B HTML’. The second award was a bronze for AGENCY H’s Groundhog’s Day party invitation in February 2009. This was in the category of ‘Micro or Mini Sites’.

In 2008, AGENCY H won 3 ADDYs: 1 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze.

AGENCY H is dedicated to making yearly ADDY appearances a tradition by continuing to provide quality and innovative work. We’d like to thank all of our current and former employees who worked hard to make this possible. Without their talent and dedication, AGENCY H wouldn’t be the creative and successful marketing and design firm that it is today.