BIGSHOT Inbound announces new website for Ruins Pub

ruins pub new website

Kansas City, MO – AGENCY H™ Inbound is pleased to announce the release of a new website for Ruins Pub.

Located in the historic Crossroads Arts District, Ruins Pub is Kansas City’s first self-pour craft beer bar. The 52 beers on tap are in the open for guests to pour themselves, and they pay by radio frequency identification. Naturally, AGENCY H felt that collaborating with a craft beer bar was a perfect fit. 

Here’s a little about how Ruins Pub works: Bartenders pre-authorize a guests’ credit cards and then gives them a self-pour beer card that registers to the particular tap they’d like to pour. The pour is recorded by the ounce, and guests pay for exactly the amount of beer they’ve poured for themselves. Ruins also features a full bar and kitchen, serving traditional Hungarian dishes.

Owner Scott Kalwei got the idea for Ruins Pub after spending time in Budapest, where hip bars were built into old ruined sites. Despite the historical inspiration, there’s nothing old about Ruins Pub’s new site.

“We’re so pleased with the look of our new website, especially how user-friendly it is,” Kalwei says. “We love that AGENCY H took the time to really understand what we do and can help us reach new clientele.”

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