The benefits of starting a blog for your medical practice

blogging for your medical practice

Starting a blog is important for any medical practice looking to improve their lead generation and brand image. A blog can also help build your patients’ trust. Having a successful online presence with regular blog postings can differentiate your practice from your competitors by providing your audience with quality content they are looking for.

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Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of starting a blog for your medical practice:

A blog will help future patients find you

Many patients will search for their symptoms, condition, or ask general questions online before visiting the doctor’s office. If your practice adopts a consistent blog-posting schedule that consists of high quality content relevant to patient’s inquiries, there is a good chance your practice will be displayed in their search.

Google’s new algorithm favors quality businesses that produce original, engaging content. Individuals that try to game the system and overload their content with researched keywords are being penalized by Google’s new algorithm by having their page rank and overall visibility decreased.

When coming up with topics, consider posting regular questions you receive from patients — they might be things such as “What are the symptoms of heart disease?” and “How can I manage my arthritis pain with exercise?” You can utilize keyword research tools to see what kind of ailments and conditions people are actively searching for you in your area, but remember: Don’t be too liberal with your keyword usage.

Frequent posting can humanize your practice

Some businesses forget to use language that is both informational and conversational in their blogs. Medical jargon is acceptable, assuming it is used sparingly and the entire blog doesn’t read like a dry medical document, but the tone overall should be informative without being too clinical.

Displaying your knowledge of medical topics that patients are searching for will help to establish authority on the subject, which influences a patient’s decision to visit your practice over one of your competitors.

People are rarely excited to search for what is bothering them. Their search could yield scary truths about their newfound or preexisting condition, or expose them to the realization they may need surgery. However, it is possible to ease the discomfort in these patients by presenting your blog material in a personal and friendly tone.

Have your doctors and staff regularly post about their insights on medical conditions, while adding personal anecdotes that connects the reader to the doctors. Many doctors reference their children and families in blogs, or they talk about their own personal experience with whichever condition they are writing about.

Sharing opinions on industry news helps your practice stay relevant

Post blog posts that are relevant to medical trends and recent breakthroughs to show patients you are up-to-date with industry knowledge and happenings. Your practice may have an interesting take on a recently implemented technology – share it with your readers, since many like to see personal reviews, opinions, and analysis of different news circulating throughout their media feeds.

Remember when Shake Weight was a hit new fitness product? People had no idea how to react because they didn’t know if the product was a blessing or a well-crafted sham. Numerous fitness experts chimed in with their opinion on the product to help these people’s buying decisions. If your practice provides the reader with personal takes on news and technologies, you will gain their trust as a progressive medical practice.

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