Benefits of dogs in the workplace!

benefits of dogs at work

If you’ve visited the AGENCY H Inbound homepage, you probably noticed the dogs and wondered, “What’s up with all these dogs?” Well, one reason is that our talented graphic designer Andrea made some really adorable drawings of our office dogs, and another is that we used these dogs to represent the inbound marketing strategy. Seriously, check it out if you haven’t because it’s cute and clever and we’re proud.

Our homepage uses dogs to demonstrate inbound marketing, but this free e-book can help you learn even more.

Beyond those reasons though, we have dogs on our home page because of our common love for dogs in general. We think dogs are pretty great to have around the office, and a lot of other companies do too. In fact, the presence dogs in the office has proven benefits for the workplace. If you have office dogs or you’re thinking of allowing dogs (or convincing your boss to allow them) in the office, you should check out these 4 benefits of dogs at work:

1. Dogs increase productivity in the workplace

Wait, these attention seeking, energetic, furry bundles of affection actually promote productivity instead of distracting everyone?! It’s true! Yes, dogs require some attention, and yes, people have to stop what they’re doing to play the dogs, but this is actually good for productivity.

Studies show that periodically getting away from your from your desk for a short break increases your efficiency and accuracy when completing tasks. Rather than grinding away at something non-stop, our brains actually perform better when given a break! And dogs are practically break-instigating machines. They’ll vie for your attention if you’ve been ignoring them for too long, which a reliable natural reminder that you need to take a break!

2. Dogs promote a positive ethos in the office

Employee relationships are important for morale and for overall productivity. Of course, one of the biggest challenges businesses have to overcome is building camaraderie amongst co-workers. Management will try many tactics and can host different events to break the ice, but these take time and money that aren’t always easy to spare. However, an office dog is a perfect ice-breaker!

People can connect when playing with dogs in the office. Sharing the joy of interacting with these four-legged friends helps people get to know each other. Whether it’s in passing by or if people go out of their way to interact with an office dog, these dogs definitely help promote employee interaction!

3. Office dogs are good for emotional health

In any workplace, you are bound to encounter stressful days. It’s important that employees can manage stress in healthy ways because stress doesn’t just affect productivity, it affects health. And dogs are great for helping people alleviate stress!

When deadlines are overwhelming, if tasks are too time-consuming, or if a mental block is keeping you from finishing something, a friendly dog with its wagging tail and loving attitude can help reduce the stress. Petting a dog actually lowers your blood-pressure and stress hormones, and is good for your heart!

4. Dogs help employees stay healthy and active

As we previously mentioned, a dog will let you know when you need to take a break or give it some attention. This is good for your body as well as your mind because sometimes that break means taking the dog outside for a walk (just don’t ruin this by smoking a cigarette while you’re out there, jeez).

If the dog’s owner is okay with it, employees can take turns walking the dog or even go out in groups (again, dogs improve workplace relationships). Just be cool about this though and pick up after the dog if it leave a mess on the sidewalk!

AGENCY H not only has advice to offer the benefits of dogs in the office, we can talk a lot more about the benefits of inbound marketing! Want to attract more customers and increase your ROI? Contact us online or give us a call at 816-471-1877!