Are you prepared for changes to content marketing in 2016?

content-marketing-changes-in-2016Content marketing now makes up 26 percent of all marketing costs in the US, according to research presented by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) council. Since content marketing is no longer a novel idea, brands and businesses that lack blogs, social media accounts, and websites will fall behind their competitors even more as time goes by.

A team of marketing experts has already started predicting changes to the industry that will occur by the end of 2016. Researchers are saying that pretty soon, social media networks will be just as helpful as search engines with helping consumers find the information they’re looking for. Competition between marketing agencies will also become more intense as more brands turn to inbound marketing.

Given how interactive digital marketing has become, experts are also predicting that major brands will start investing in startups that can produce interactive content for touchscreen devices. Digital advertising will soon overtake television advertising as the most profitable, effective advertising method.

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