Apple is being sued for false advertising

apple is sued for false advertisingApple is currently being sued by consumers who have expressed upset at false advertising in regards to the available memory space on iOS 8 devices. The newest iPhone is advertised at having 16 GB of free storage space at the time of purchase, but consumers have realized that at least 19 percent of the free space is being used by Apple’s own iOS software.

The plaintiffs who have filed their lawsuit against Apple are seeking over $5 million for damages caused by Apple’s false advertising. They argue that Apple’s ads are misleading and deceptive because Apple has omitted important facts about their products that could have affected consumers’ decisions at the initial time of purchase. Now, customers have to use and buy Apple’s other services to store extra files and media that otherwise would have been stored on their iPhones.

At this time, Apple has not responded to a request for comment regarding the lawsuit, and this is not the first time a lawsuit of this nature has been filed against the tech giant. In 2007, iPod Nano customers sued Apple for providing less than 7.5 GB of storage space when it was originally advertised that the products featured 8 GB free storage.

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