Amazon is now Google’s top search advertiser

amazon-is-top-google-advertiserAccording to recent data compiled by search marketing firm AdGooroo, Amazon spent the most money on Google US search ads in 2013. The top 25 companies that purchase ads from Google spent $1.34 billion on ads last year alone, whereas Amazon ended up spending $157.7 million on advertising. This statistic may be surprising to most, especially considering Amazon is now competing with Google in the world of search and display ads.

Last year, Amazon earned $750 million from advertising revenue, and is projected to pull in over $1 billion this year, based on analytical data compiled by eMarketer. The retail giant spent only $1.2 million on Bing search ads, and almost $19.5 million on Google search ads. Surprisingly, Amazon is one of very few retail businesses in the top 25 online search advertisers along with Sears Holdings Corp. and Walmart Stores.

Reports say that most retailers spend the majority of their Google search dollars on services such as Google Shopping. Additionally, many retailers have plans to invest more in digital advertising — specifically direct-response advertising — next year. In 2013, direct-response advertising made up about 58 percent of all US digital-ad spending based on data from eMarketer.

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