A few factors of content marketing you need to know!

important-parts-of-content-marketing-strategyWhether you work in marketing or are a senior level employee with the power to pass decisions onto the marketing team, you probably know about content marketing. This style of marketing aims to produce valuable, informative content to attract your target audience, create leads, and delight current customers.

Hubspot reports that 86 percent of web users feel that finding information from content helps them increase their product/service knowledge, which leads to better decision making. It’s also recommended that you post at least ten blogs a month.

Some businesses post ten blogs per week, and these see the most success because they drive traffic and attract a relevant audience. This use of content increases your leads, conversions, and ROI.

Important areas of content marketing

Content marketing isn’t as simple as sitting down, writing, posting, and waiting for visitors. It is a combined effort of planning, information collecting, and demonstration of value.

You need to have clearly defined goals. Know who your target audience is, know what their wants and needs are, and know how much you expect your business to grow over time. Your goals may be determined by whether you already have a website and you’re looking to improve it, or you’re starting a new website from scratch.

Either way, set short-term and long-term goals for yourself and your team to follow. If you make quarterly goals, you will be better able to keep track of what is and isn’t working, and make decisions on what might need to be changed.

When setting your goals, you should also develop buyer personas. These profiles represent your target audiences by breaking down all of the important details: average age, job type, family and living situation, desires, and pain points.

Collect all the information you can

Pay attention to what your visitors are doing when they interact with your website. Which pages are most visited? How long are visitors on each page? Which landing pages and CTAs are working the best? How many social followers, connections, and shares do you have?

Landing pages are fantastic tools for collecting customer information. Offer something of value, like an ebook or a whitepaper, in exchange for information such as name, email address, company name, and phone number.

Learn how to present the numbers

Your boss is going to want to see the results of your company’s investment into content marketing. It’s good to compare the cost of your marketing initiatives against the ROI to show that it’s working. However, there are other numerical factors to consider as well, including measurement of audience retention and engagement, consumption of information, and success of sales.

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