7 ways to enhance your Facebook ad campaign

how-to-enhance-facebook-advertising-campaignUsing Facebook’s paid advertising feature to market your business can be challenging if you’re doing it for the first time, not to mention stressful if you’re trying to generate leads on a tight budget. However, many brands have been using Facebook’s paid ad feature for so long that they’ve managed to drum up a list of helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of this effective advertising method.

Are you considering using Facebook to advertise and market your business? Take a look at these seven creative ways to enhance your Facebook ad campaign.

1. Use contests to drive engagement

Facebook is one of the best platforms for driving consumer engagement. Encourage fans and followers to visit your profile more frequently by hosting contests. For example, encourage fans to take photos of themselves using or enjoying your products and services, then choose a winning photo to display on your profile page. Users will start becoming more engaged with your brand as they start checking back frequently to see if they’ve won the contest.

2. Limit ads to your existing audience

Most businesses know that catering to existing customers is often far less costly than trying to attract new customers. If you’re just getting started with advertising on Facebook, test the waters with an audience you already have. For example, if you have an email database comprised of individuals who haven’t purchased from you yet, try marketing to those individuals first. In most cases, you’ll benefit from higher conversion rates since this audience is already familiar with your brand, products, and services.

3. Feature interactive, shareable content

When developing Facebook ads, think about the type of content your followers and fans will be most inclined to share. Videos, images, and games are examples of interactive content most audiences are prone to sharing. For example, some brands offer their fans quick, 30-second games that offer coupons and discounts based on scores. Develop these types of shareable posts, then use Facebook’s paid advertising feature to share them with your target audience.


4. Share videos

Today’s consumers enjoy videos more than text or photo content. Videos currently have the highest engagement metrics on Facebook from an advertising standpoint. If you have text- or photo-based ad campaigns that were once successful in the past, think about how you can repurpose those ads into video content. Most users prefer engaging with video content over all other text- and photo-based content.

5. Test a series of different ads

Use a portion of your Facebook advertising budget to test the performance of at least three different ads for your campaign. Devise ads that feature different photos, text, and headlines, then watch to see how each ad performs. After reviewing analytics, apply the rest of your budget to the ads that perform best.

6. Play around with different image styles

While photos may not generate the highest engagement rates like videos do, images should still be an important part of your Facebook ad campaign. Play around with using a variety of different image styles, such as vertical images, horizontal images, and images that feature text. Then, try to stick with the image style that performs best for your brand.

7. Focus on relating

Some businesses come right out on Facebook posting promotion after promotion. However, being too self-promotional will turn off potential customers, as well as your existing fans and followers. For the best jump-start with Facebook advertising, focus on simply relating to your users for about the first 30 days without promoting your business. Your followers will realize that your brand is focused on your customers’ needs, and not on your own. Fostering a strong relationship with customers in the beginning will pay off in the long run, since your brand is demonstrating that it knows how to engage with and relate to customers.

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