5 ways to increase Twitter click-through rates

increase-twitter-click-through-ratesIf you’ve been running and maintaining your company’s Twitter account, then you’ve already got your foot in the door as far as knowing that Twitter is one of the best ways to market your business. If you’ve been doing social media marketing consistently for quite some time, then you probably already have hundreds, or even thousands of followers, and engagement is through the roof. This is great, but are you truly making the most out of Twitter by using it to drive traffic to your blog, landing pages, and other amazing, quality content?

If you’re just posting links to Twitter, then you might not be doing enough in terms of presentation. Here are five ways you can start increasing your click-through rates on Twitter.

1. Develop custom URLs

Most web users have been trained to look over URLs before clicking on them for fear of clicking on spam or malware, so developing custom URLs that best describe the content on your page can result in higher click-through rates. Plus, random characters and nonsensible garble in URLs usually tend to be overlooked since users may think they’re spam.

2. Use eye-catching images

Twitter now gives users the option to view images directly in their feeds without having to click on separate image links, which means your images and graphics need to be interesting so users will feel inclined to click on your content. If your business lacks a graphic designer, at least make sure images are posting with links to your latest blog posts.

3. Instruct your followers to click

Although it may be one of the oldest tricks in the book as far as marketing and advertising goes, tell your followers what to do to get the best results. As inbound marketing and advertising techniques in general continue to evolve, some advertisers tend to forget that sometimes all you have to do is ask. Precede the links in your tweets with “check this out” or “click here” to get higher click-through rates.

4. Tweet the best content multiple times

Don’t just post one tweet about a blog post that’s intended to be hot; post several throughout the week. Considering how fast your Twitter timeline can move based on how many users you follow, your followers could easily miss your tweet if you only post it once. Schedule your hottest posts to post multiple times throughout the week so they can result in higher engagement rates.

5. Participate in industry events

Most industries will host conferences and chats related to the industry on a regular basis, which are usually accompanied by their own unique hashtags. Stay on top of all industry events on Twitter, and take time out to participate by engaging in discussion and including the hashtag in each post. Not only will your site get more traffic, but you could also earn more followers.

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