5 unique ways to use major social media platforms

unique-ways-to-use-social-mediaIf your business practices social media marketing, you may already be familiar with the strengths and features offered by each major platform. Instagram is most ideal for sharing photo-based content, whereas Facebook is ideal for sharing long-form posts and starting discussions. If you run or manage a business, there are other less-known ways to make more out of your social media platforms that could help drive leads and sales.

Check out these five unique ways to get more from your social media profiles.

1. Facebook: paid advertising

Paid advertising on Facebook isn’t free, but if you’re marketing strictly to customers and not to other businesses, Facebook is where you want to spend your advertising dollars. Facebook’s advertising program allows you to target specific demographics, and is ideal for promoting apps, contests, and email subscriptions. To get more out of your Facebook ad campaign, create a compelling offer that convinces people to convert to your list, as well as a landing page to go along with your offer. Then, set up an automatic email response feature that delivers the offer. Lastly, focus on upselling and cross-selling the leads on your email list in a tasteful manner.

2. Twitter: special invites

If you have a special event approaching, or are preparing to release a new platform, app, or tool, use Twitter to promote your news by sending out invitations. Use a third-party tool such as FollowerWonk by Moz to find Twitter users who post content about your industry. These users could either be industry influencers or qualified leads. Then, use another third-party tool such as HootSuite to send messages to these users and invite them to your event, or to offer them “early access” to your new product. Many businesses have reported large leaps in ROI as a result of using Twitter for special invites.

3. LinkedIn: discussion groups

If your business offers B2B services, LinkedIn is what you’ll want to use to connect even better with your target audience. If you’re not interested in spending too much on paid advertising with LinkedIn, join groups that are relevant to your industry. For example, if your business focuses primarily on content marketing, do a basic search for content marketing. Then, find the most active and relevant groups with which you can engage on a regular basis. Being in a group allows you to form better relationships with prospects, since you’ll have a legitimate, solid reason to connect with them. After joining a LinkedIn group, start publishing posts and communicating with community members.

4. Reddit: customer research

Reddit receives over 168 million monthly unique visits, most of which are from males between the ages of 18 and 29, as well as individuals who have an undergraduate degree. If these groups of people are your target demographic, spend time on Reddit getting feedback from them about your products and services. If you devote time to establishing a presence on Reddit and engaging with your target audience, you could end up converting most of the people you engage with into paying customers.

5. Pinterest: pin and share

Pinterest is used most frequently by women who have interests in fashion, food, and other industries that tend to be image-centric. If your business is in a niche that appeals to women, feature the “pin it” button on all pages that could be ideally featured on Pinterest. For instance, if you manage a cooking and recipe website, feature the “pin it” button on every page that features a recipe and photo of the meal. After AllRecipes started using this feature on its own website, the brand was able to increase clicks by more than 900 percent.

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