5 tricks for making blogs more engaging

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engaging blog postsBlogging as part of content marketing is a special skill that requires practice and training in the art of inbound marketing. Being a great writer doesn’t necessarily mean your blogging skills are automatically up to par with marketing; in fact, articles that sound too fancy and complex, or that fail to connect with your target audience won’t bring in the traffic needed to convert customers.

To grab the attention of readers for the sake of helping your business succeed, your blogs must be engaging, offer valuable content, and have that shareability factor that results in your content being shared across various channels.

Looking for ways to improve your skills as an inbound marketing blogger? Check out these five ways to make your blogs more engaging for your audience.

1. Keep it simple

Long paragraphs and complex sentences may impress your college professor, but won’t impress your target audience. Simple, clear writing resonates more effectively with readers, who generally lack the time to consult a dictionary while casually browsing the Web. Try keeping paragraphs to under 100 words, and use simple vocabulary whenever possible. For example, just say “use” instead of getting fancy with synonyms such as “employ” or “utilize.”

2. Open with a fun story

What inspired you to write your blog article to begin with? Can you think of any great stories to accompany your blog topic? Try opening your blogs with a fun anecdote or story that goes with your article. This is a fun, easy way to engage your audience right off the jump.

3. Speak the language of your audience

Writing in a language your target audience understands keeps them engaged with your content. For instance, consider the way you speak to your closest friends. Those individuals are probably your best friends and confidantes because they speak your same language and understand where you’re coming from. The same rule applies when speaking to your target audience. Picture yourself at a podium speaking to your target audience when sitting down to write.

4. Use easy-to-read formats

Long, chunky paragraphs are boring and difficult to scan; nobody has time to browse content like that anymore. Readers are on your website to gain information and to find content that benefits them. Make it easier for your audience to find what they need by using formats that are clean, streamlined, and easy on the eye. For example, stick to using list or numbered posts, and use subheadings and short paragraphs to keep readers engaged.

5. Choose the right tone

Using the wrong tone can turn off and offend some readers who visit your blog. Think about the emotions your audience are experiencing at the time they click on your blog articles. The tone you choose can reflect positively or negatively on your business, depending on the nature of content.

This is especially important when blogging for the medical marketing industry. For example, readers who visit pages about infertility may be struggling with trying to get pregnant, while readers who visit pages about breast cancer may be looking for reassurance or solutions to overcoming their battle with cancer. Be sensitive to your readers’ needs at all times, and write in a way that shows you care about and understand their feelings.

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