5 things your ebook needs to generate leads

great-ebook-contentOffering your visitors a free ebook download is a great way to generate leads, and can often serve as an introduction as to what your brand or business is all about. But if your ebook lacks valuable information, it could easily turn away leads before they even have a chance to check out the rest of your website, your products and services, and other special offers.

So, how do you create an ebook that is sure to satisfy and empower your audience? Here are the five elements your ebook needs to generate more leads.

1. It must answer an important question

Your audience will take time to read your ebook if it contains answers to a question that prompted them to download the ebook in the first place. Devise ebooks that answer important questions in the form of tips, how-to information, and other content that will provide incentive for those who download your ebooks.

2. It must include a call-to-action

The purpose of marketing a free ebook is to get people to purchase your products and services, right? Your ebook must feature a call-to-action that instructs people on what to do next after they have read your content. Your call-to-action could be an invitation to purchase or download other ebooks, or to contact you for a free consultation, guidance, etc.

3. It must look professional in appearance

If your ebook contains numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, your audience may not feel confident that you’re the go-to business in their industry. Make sure your ebook is proofed, well-designed, and easy to read so your audience is more inclined to do future business with you.

4. Keep it updated

If your ebook contains statistics, links to articles, and other content that could be potentially time-sensitive, take time once or twice per year to make sure all its content is updated. Otherwise, people who download your ebook will notice that its out-of-date and no longer relevant.

5. It must be promoted

After your ebook has been published, make sure it’s being promoted through the proper channels. Share it on social media, feature excerpts from the ebook on your blog, and feature it prominently on your website. An ebook is part of your content marketing strategy, and should be shared accordingly.

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