5 best formats for blog posts

best-blog-post-formatsBlogging has its ups and downs for most content marketers. Sometimes, you’ll discover a new topic that has the ability to generate multiple blog posts, while other times, it can be challenging to think of new and creative ways to write about your industry. Thankfully, blogs have evolved over the years and text-only articles are no longer the sole go-to format.

Here are the five best formats you can use for blog posts when you feel the need to shake things up.

1. Write personal posts

Posts that are written about a particular favorite customer or employee can show people that your business or brand truly cares about connecting with your target audience, and are sure to generate quite the response. If you don’t feel comfortable writing about customers or employees, write about influencers in your industry who have inspired your brand or business.

2. Develop videos and infographics

Blogs aren’t just text-oriented anymore. In fact, most people get more out of watching brief videos or reviewing infographics about your brand. Videos and infographics are more prone to being shared across various channels than text-only posts. Focus on putting together video or infographic content that is useful to your audience, and that they would be most willing to share with their own friends and followers.

3. How-to posts

“How-to” queries are some of Google’s most popular search terms. Every now and then, write out an instructional, step-by-step post that instructs people how to complete a certain task related to your industry. HubSpot even says that posts with “how to” titles are guaranteed to bring in more traffic to your site.

4. News articles

While you may be tempted to simply repurpose news articles, venture outside of the box and add your own personal spin or opinion to a hot breaking news story. Offering your brand’s opinion or personal view on a particular news topic can show your audience a personality. Plus, news stories that are slightly controversial could really generate discussion and bring in more traffic.

5. Write a fun post

Around the holidays, even the most business-oriented people enjoy taking a break from serious news and updates to read posts that are fun and uplifting. From time to time, especially around holidays, post a blog that is humorous and fun that might appeal to your target audience. Post photos of employees’ funny holiday costumes, or other types of posts that show how your business can be personal and fun.

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