4 ways to recycle your social media posts

recycling-social-media-postsBlogging isn’t the only aspect of content marketing that can be difficult to generate new ideas for — social media is sometimes right there next to it. Although the internet is host to hundreds, and even thousands of potential websites you can share and be inspired by, writer’s block can sometimes affect your ability to generate interesting, engaging social media posts.

But, just like with blog content, you can repurpose and recycle social media posts at times you feel stumped in regards to what you should post. Here are four ways you can start recycling and repurposing your social media content:

1. Use comments for inspiration

Go to your company’s blog and take a look at comments on all blogs aged at least three months. Then, have your company’s blogger develop a new post that addresses some of the points left in the comments. Afterward, develop social media posts that promote the new post, while also referencing the original blog post. This strategy is actually a content win-win for both the social media manager and blogger.

2. Add a new spin to old posts

Do you normally add comments to your social media posts before the link you’re sharing? If so, share the same links you’ve shared in the past, but add different comments to the beginning of the post before the link. For example, if you were to share this specific blog post, the original tweet or Facebook post may have read, “Stumped with how to develop new social media posts? Take a look at these 6 ways to recycle social media posts!” Next time, change up the wording to read something like, “Use blog comments to inspire new social media posts, and 5 other ways to repurpose older social media posts.”

3. Revisit posts about case studies

If you previously shared statistics or information about case studies related to your industry, take a few moments to look up new statistics and share them on social media while referencing the original post. For example, if you posted about a new product several months ago, develop a post that highlight any successes related to that service or product that have occurred since its original launch date.

4. Republish posts with high engagement rates

Take a look at your analytics reports to determine which of your social media posts have received the most engagement in regards to clicks, retweets, mentions, comments, etc. Then, find new ways to share that content across all channels in a manner completely different from how you originally shared the content.

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