4 ways to optimize YouTube videos

how-to-optimize-youtube-videosYouTube is currently the highest ranked video website, and is the third most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook. Since today’s users tend to prefer visual content over text content, YouTube can be an ideal way for your business to promote its brands, products, and services.

If your business already has videos posted to YouTube, you’re already off to a great start. However, you can optimize those videos even more by making various changes that will boost your videos even higher in search.

Check out these four highly effective ways to optimize YouTube videos for your business.

1. Choose the right keywords

Label your videos with keywords that are relevant to both the video’s content and your industry. Don’t label your videos with keywords for the sake of trying to get users to click on them, since they’ll only view this practice as deceptive and you may be penalized by Google. If you need help coming up with good, strong keywords, use YouTube’s built-in keywords search tool, or use other helpful third-party keyword research tools.

2. Develop relevant titles, descriptions, and tags

The titles of your videos should accurately describe the video content. Research shows that titles with 70 characters or fewer tend to receive more clicks than videos that have longer titles. Google also takes video descriptions and tags into account for search, so take the time to complete these fields on each video you have posted on your account. Include a link to your website within the description field, and keep the description to between 140 and 160 words for the best results. In regards to tags, YouTube allows you to label your videos with up to 20 tags each for optimization.

3. Use annotations

Annotations are snippets of text content you can add throughout your videos to make them more helpful and easier to understand for your users. For example, if your medical practice posts an educational video about the inner workings of the human body, you can use annotations to feature fun facts about the human body as the video is playing. Annotations have the ability to enhance your videos if you forget to share information, or want to make them more fun and engaging for your audience.

4. Create playlists

YouTube’s playlist feature allows you to combine a series of videos into one long, ongoing playlist. The playlist feature can benefit your business if you have multiple different service lines or products. For example, if you help manage a hospital and one of your service lines caters to women’s health, you can create a playlist that combines a series of “tour” videos that show off your hospital’s women’s health departments and facilities (such as gynecology, breast health center, and birthing rooms for pregnant women). Playlists can often prevent users from clicking on other videos since they’re more engaged with your content.

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