4 hot website essentials for your health care practice

website essentials for health practicesHaving a prominent online presence is essential to attracting new patients and maintaining existing patients for your medical practice. Considering most of today’s patients pay more out of pocket for health services, the Internet has become a vital tool in determining which health care practices are the best based on their services, availability, and online patient reviews. If your website lacks information, chances are patients will visit another website — and another medical practice.

Does your health care practice need help with Web design to attract and maintain patients? Check out these four hot website essentials you need on your medical website!

1. Patient reviews and testimonials

Health care review websites are becoming increasingly popular, and can reveal a lot about the way medical practices treat their patients. Testimonials that share positive patient experiences also go a long way toward attracting new patients and keeping existing patients. Create a page on your website that directs patients to online review sites, and a page that features positive testimonials from real patients. Make it easy for patients to learn more about your clinic’s reputation.

2. Pricing information

Patients want to know if they can afford your health services before making an appointment, especially since paying out of pocket is more common in today’s health industry. Patients may call your health care practice to learn more about pricing and financial support, but first, they’re going to browse other medical websites for pricing information. Be upfront about costs, and feature pricing info on your website so patients can compare your prices and services to competitors.

3. Promotions and special offers

Many health practices offer promotions and special deals exclusive to patients who found them online or learned about them via the Web. These deals mainly exist to lure visitors and new patients to your health practice. Experiment with offering limited-time specials and other promotions that will generate a buzz and get new and existing patients in the door for an appointment or consultation.

4. Quality rankings

Start featuring your medical practice’s quality ratings on your website, even if they’re not impressive. Patients want transparency about quality when it comes to choosing a health care provider, and the industry is pushing for health practices to start featuring this information on their sites. For example, if you run a hospital, share your ratings for the Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Score and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on your website. This helps patients make an informed decision, and even motivates medical practices to earn higher ratings.

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