4 features patients want on your health care site

popular features on health care websitesHaving a website for your health care practice can make your business look more professional, trusted, and established. But on the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that patients come first, and that your website should be user-friendly and designed specifically to satisfy patients. When patients and health consumers visit your website, they’re often looking for specific information, and when they can’t find it, they’ll go somewhere else to get it.

Featuring the right information on your website can often make or break the success of your health care practice, especially since most people turn to the Internet for hospital and physician reviews, and to research treatments and health care services.

Is your health care website delivering what your patients want? Here are four features most patients want accessible on your medical website at all times.

1. Contact information

The easier you make it for patients to contact you, the higher your patient attraction numbers will be. Put all contact information on one easy-to-find page, and feature links to the contact page all over your site, on every page. Include your phone number, physical address, email address, map and directions, and other contact info as needed so patients can reach your medical practice any time at their convenience.

2. Services pages

Most new patients visit your site to find out whether your practice offers specific services and treatments. Failing to list and feature all services on your website can result in patients seeking other clinics or practices for treatments they want, especially elective procedures such as weight-loss surgery and cosmetic surgery. Create a master list of services you offer, and organize them logically on your site. For example, if your clinic specializes in bariatric surgery, develop one page for each service, such as weight-loss support groups, nutrition services, fitness courses, and pages that describe each weight-loss surgery in detail.

3. Classes and events

Posting schedules for upcoming classes and special events allows patients to plan in advance and share these events through their own channels, including social media. This also helps attract patients who don’t have access to these types of services from their current physicians and hospitals. Promote classes and events on your website, in newsletters, and on social media, and link to these events on blog posts and other announcements when relevant.

4. Online bill pay

Paying bills online saves time, and is often more convenient than paying by telephone or sending a check in the mail. If you don’t already have this feature on your website, consult with an inbound marketing agency that can help you get set up. Then, link to your online bill pay page from the Home and Patients pages.

Is your health care website patient-friendly? Contact AGENCY H Inbound today to receive a free assessment and learn more about how we can improve your website and maximize ROI for your health care practice.