4 exciting ways to attract new plastic surgery patients

attracting-new-plastic-surgery-clientsPlastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are often viewed as luxury services, which can make reeling in new patients challenging, considering the competitive nature of the industry. Just like when marketing any other business, the key to attracting new plastic surgery patients is to learn about and fully understand your ideal target audience so you can lure them in using the right incentives.

Need help boosting patient attraction rates for your plastic surgery practice? Here are four creative and exciting ways to generate a buzz about your clinic.

Method #1: Offer free consultations

Some prospective patients feel apprehensive about scheduling consultations because they’re not 100% sure they want to commit to having cosmetic surgery. Many plastic surgery practices require patients to pay upfront for the initial consultations, which can scare away patients who lack knowledge about the procedures.

Try offering free consultations to patients who want to learn more about plastic surgery procedures. Better yet, host free consultations that allow patients to see what their bodies will look like after surgery. This can be achieved using image manipulation software such as Photoshop. If your practice lacks technologies that allow patients to view results, share before-and-after photos of other patients so prospective patients have a better idea of what to expect from surgery.

Method #2: Have previous patients sing your praise

Previous and existing patients who are highly satisfied with their bodies following cosmetic surgery are often considered ideal “brand evangelists,” since their appearances speak for themselves. Ask past patients to send referrals your way, or to write testimonials you can feature on your website. Also, consider asking these same patients to write positive reviews about your clinic on health review websites, which can help boost your reputation in the local plastic surgery market.

Method #3: Pay attention to social media

Social media is a useful marketing tool for your business, but only if you’re using the service to be social with your followers. Log into your social media accounts and search for specific keywords related to your industry so you know what people are talking about. Then, discuss these topics and keywords in your own social media feeds, and on your own blog and website. For example, search Twitter for posts that contain the words “tummy tuck,” “breast implants,” and “liposuction,” then socialize with these users or post more information about these topics to increase awareness about your services. Do not advertise flat out! The key here is to provide relevant, useful information to get social media users to join your discussion.

Method #4: Focus on mommy makeover offers

Unlike previous generations, today’s moms are more focused on preserving their bodies, and on staying and feeling young after childbirth, according to board-certified plastic surgeons from the American Society of Plastic Surgery. As a result, many mothers combine tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation, and/or breast lift surgery into a procedure known in the industry as a mommy makeover. In most cases, new moms interested in this collective procedure fall into the upper-class demographic and have time and money to devote to plastic surgery and recovery.

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