4 easy ways to spring-clean your medical website

spring-cleaning your medical websiteSpring cleaning is a popular seasonal ritual that helps clear your head and environment of unnecessary clutter. Just like having a clean, tidy home can make you seem like a proud, responsible homeowner, having a clean, easy-to-navigate website can make your health practice look authoritative and professional.

Does your medical website need a major spring refresh? Check out these four effective ways to spring-clean your health care website:

1. Review the accuracy of general information

Confirm that all general information on your website is still current. Outdated phone numbers, email addresses, and business hours can impact new patient acquisition and patient retention. Check all data, and make changes as needed so all information on your site is current and applicable.

2. Check for broken links

Broken links can lead to patient frustration and result in abandonment when patients go to other medical websites to get what they need. Manually click on all internal and external links on your site to confirm they work, or use a link-checker tool that helps you identify and update broken links.

3. Update service and product pages

Your practice’s service and product pages should be informative, descriptive, and written in a way that helps patients arrive at a buying decision. Review all service and product pages to confirm information is current, accurate, and written with patient-friendly terminology. All pages should also feature calls-to-action (CTAs) that encourage patients to make an appointment or purchase your products and services.

4. Remove old events and promotions

Did your health clinic offer specials throughout the winter season? Did a major promotion for free consultations recently end? Check your website for outdated events and promos that should either be removed or revised to avoid confusing your patients. This also prevents patients from showing up for events and feeling disappointed when they learn the information on your website is outdated and inaccurate.

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