4 content marketing tips for those in boring industries

content-marketing-boring-industriesDo you work in an industry that is severely limited, or considered “boring” to the average person? Do you struggle with developing content because you’ve either run out of topic ideas, or the content is simply too boring to wring more creativity out of it? Don’t worry: you’re not alone, and there are thousands of content marketers who feel exactly the way you do.

In fact, while your industry may seem boring, it probably isn’t that boring to everyone, and those people make up the audience for whom you’re developing content. Here are four content marketing tips you can follow to develop more great content for your “boring” industry.

1. Think about solving problems

What kind of problems do your target audience usually face? When developing content, write out a list of problems related to the industry that people would usually face. This practice will actually help you come up with new ideas, and you can write content accordingly. For example, are you part of the construction industry? Write articles about how a business or resident can go about looking for a construction company, and provide do-it-yourself construction tips.

2. Be more informative and educational

If you write for a boring industry, maybe your audience isn’t always expecting to be entertained with humor, anecdotes, and stories. Develop content that will educate them instead. Write about case studies, historical data, and other facts that could be helpful.

3. Research and repurpose

Keep in mind that you probably aren’t the only business in the world that does content marketing for your industry. Take time to see what other businesses in your industry are writing about, and piggy-back off their ideas. Maybe you could offer new insight on a particular topic, or spin their content in a completely different way to make it your own. Just make sure not to copy their articles word-for-word, or else your site could get penalized by Google.

4. Look to social media

Most major social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to search for specific content. Go to every social media platform and do searches for keywords related to your industry to see what people are talking about. Then, devise a list of topics based on people’s comments, concerns, and questions about your industry.

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