4 consumer trends that will inspire your health care brand

consumer-health-care-trendsAs a health care marketer, it’s important to stay on top of consumer trends so you know how to approach and communicate with your target audience. The health care industry has evolved significantly in the past few years given how huge the online and digital marketing industries have grown.

Take a look at these four consumer trends that will help inspire your health care brand so you can be more effective at reaching your target audience.

1. Be direct and mature

Your health is not a matter to be tip-toed around or taken lightly. In fact, the quicker you learn what’s going on with your body, the quicker you can seek and receive treatment. Your brand should evoke and encourage honest and upfront dialogue with your patients, which can be achieved by being more open and direct with patients through social media and blogs.

2. Recognize and celebrate the aging process

People don’t want to feel, act, or look old as they age and become older, so ideally, your health care brand should recognize, honor, and celebrate the aging process. Spin your treatments, products, and services in a manner that appeals to the senior population in a way that lets them know you are dedicated to preventing them from becoming debilitated and “old.”

3. Go mobile

Patients and health care audiences are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices to learn more about medical products, services, treatments, and general health information. Make sure your website can be interacted with easily between all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Today, 91 percent of all smartphone users keep their devices nearby within reach indefinitely, and 70 percent of all searches performed on mobile devices result in action of some kind within one hour.

4. Acknowledge men’s new roles

Nearly one in every five men is unemployed, which means that many men are now sharing common household responsibilities — including take care of and managing their family’s health care needs. Gear certain health care campaigns toward men to keep them engaged with staying on top of health care.

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