4 benefits associated with internal linking

benefits-of-internal-linkingAn internal link is a hyperlink that points from one page to another on the same domain or website. Internal links can help users navigate a website more efficiently, and can sometimes help pages and websites rank higher in search. When you’re in the process of developing a website, or are writing content for your website, you’ll want to include internal links in your work as much as possible to enhance the user experience while also driving traffic to your site.

Take a look at these four benefits associated with featuring internal links on your website.

1. Internal links are user-friendly

When users read the content on your website, they may want to learn more about one or two topics you’ve mentioned in your writing. Featuring internal links to this information is convenient for users, since they can stay on your website and learn everything they need to know without having to leave and visit another website to get the same information. For example, if you write an article about Google’s latest algorithm change for mobile search, you can link to an article you wrote about how to make your website mobile-friendly.

2. Internal links increase pageviews

Since users are clicking on your internal links to learn more about various topics, pageviews will increase as a result of users staying on your website and being engaged with your content. Internal links can also help users become more familiar with your site structure.

3. Internal links can help reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who view one page and leave without navigating to another page. The lower your bounce rate is, the better your site is at attracting and keeping qualified leads engaged with your content. Since users could find everything they need on your website without having to leave thanks to internal links, your bounce rate could dramatically decrease.

4. Internal links can lead to better crawling and indexing

Web crawlers will pass through all your site links and help index your pages more efficiently in search. Internal links can help improve crawling and indexing since you’re pointing to other relevant content on your website. As a result, your website could end up ranking higher in search.

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