3 ways to market your small medical practice

marketing-small-medical-practiceSome small medical practices, just like some small businesses, can often lack the funds to spend on complex advertising and marketing strategies. Whereas billboards and print advertisements were once the norm, small medical practices that spend money on these mediums may find that they’re not as effective as they once were, thanks to the rise in online and digital marketing.

If you’re looking for new ways to advertise and market your business on a relatively small budget, here are three best practices you can follow to get into the marketing game.

1. Involve your staff in marketing and advertising efforts

While not every employee will have a background in marketing and advertising, you can still involve them in a manner that will allow them to see themselves as marketers. Thanks to social media and internet marketing, any person has the ability to advertise. Coach your staff on how to make every personal interaction count when speaking to patients in person, over the phone, and on social media so that your practice can start developing a positive reputation.

2. Focus on providing patients with great experiences

Hospitals and medical practices are well-known for making patients wait for long periods of time before their appointments. Do what it takes to respect your patients’ time, and outfit your waiting room with resources such as website links, brochures, and pamphlets so they can take time to learn more about their health while they are waiting. From a customer service standpoint, make sure that patients are being attended to and addressed, and treat them like the valued people they are. Conduct surveys and polls on a regular basis to make sure your patients are happy and that your practice is doing everything possible to be accommodating.

3. Make it easy for patients to find your practice

Over 80 percent of all Americans look to the internet to learn more about their health. Make sure that you at least hire a medical marketing firm that can build you a website and provide valuable health content for your patients. That way, when they have questions or concerns about their health, your medical practice will be the first source they turn to. Also, make sure your business is listed on Google Plus or Google Places so nearby people can find your medical practice.

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