3 ways medical practices can use social media

social-media-for-medical-practicesThe health care industry is continuing to lag behind the rest of the world when it comes to social media marketing, even though many health care marketers already understand the link between a strong social media campaign and the ability to produce strong leads. Barriers and concerns surrounding patient privacy and regulatory compliance often stand in the way of social media marketing for medical practices; however, you can overcome these obstacles by managing a social media strategy that truly works.

Take a look at the following three ways health care practices can start using social media for patient attraction.

1. Let your humanity shine through

Some medical practices come across as too serious and sterile across social media for fear of compromising rules and regulations. Unfortunately, not many people head to social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to seek and read grim and serious news. Spend your time on social media interacting and engaging with patients and new prospects to show people that your practice is made up of compassionate humans who really care.

2. Educate your audience on health

Instead of using social media to advertise the types of health services you offer, dedicate more time to crafting posts that educate your audience on how to improve their health. For example, if you run a bariatric surgery clinic, pull back on advertising different types of weight-loss surgeries, and focus instead on teaching patients how to build healthier habits and adjust to life following bariatric surgery. You can also celebrate national observances throughout the year to get more people talking about their health, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

3. Offer exclusive content

When it comes to inbound marketing, the sky’s the limit in regards to what you can share with your target audience from a creative standpoint. Take advantage of social media marketing to offer exclusive content your audience won’t be able to find anywhere else. Film videos that teach patients how to care for wounds following surgery, or that show them how to do certain exercises. Host a live event on Twitter that any patient can participate in, and encourage your audience to ask questions about a major health concern, such as Ebola or vaccinations. Think about what you can do on social media and nowhere else, and develop a social media marketing campaign around your idea.

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