3 ways to keep content alive after clicking “publish”

how to keep content aliveWriting blog articles for your business involves many careful steps. First, you develop topics that appeal to your target audience. Then, you research those topics and pull from sources to write each article. After writing the content, double-checking facts, adding links, making edits where necessary, etc., your blogs are ready to publish. But what happens after that? You put all that work into a few blog articles, but how do you make them stay alive for weeks, months, and years to come?

In most cases, your social media team shares your blogs across all channels to promote new site content, while Google crawls and spiders it all for search. After that, your blogs remain available online, but how do you maintain the popularity of your posts on an ongoing basis?

Try using these three methods to keep your content alive long after their publish dates.

1. Capitalize on shareability

People tend to share content that makes them feel emotional. Whenever possible and appropriate, write articles that speak to the emotions of your target audience using humor, arguments, and controversy. Improve shareability of your blog posts using photos and videos, and stick to sharing posts that are interesting, original, and offer value to readers. The more shareable your posts, the longer they’ll float around on the Web.

2. Open your doors to guest bloggers

Guest bloggers who are also industry influencers in your niche can help bring extra traffic to your site, since their own followers will visit your site to read guest blogs. This exposes your business to those already familiar with your industry but don’t know your brand exists. Reach out to guest bloggers with large followings on social media and in the blogosphere, and persuade those individuals to contribute to your site. As guest bloggers continue with their own personal and professional endeavors, their followers will trickle in to your site long after posts have been published.

3. Reuse and repurpose

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dissecting content and rewriting it differently for other members of your target audience. Compile blog posts and put them into e-books, or rewrite articles for which you performed extensive research into different formats, such as humorous list posts. This allows you to get more mileage from your content while saving time and money in the process.

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