3 ways advertising has changed in the last decade

changes-in-advertisingTen years ago, we didn’t have access to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube because these platforms had not yet been developed. When you think about how different the digital advertising world is today compared to 10 years ago, it’s hard to imagine how you got by without having the ability to advertise and promote your business using these channels.

As technology progresses, the world of advertising will continue to change. Digital advertising is even starting to take over television advertising, as more and more brands are investing their efforts and dollars into video advertising.

Take a good look at the three ways advertising has changed in the last decade to see if your inbound agency is keeping up with the times!

1. It’s more about engagement than reach

Previously, marketers tended to focus on “impressions” and overall reach when discussing the success of their marketing campaigns. But now, brands are more focused on whether they’re engaging enough with their fans. Considering the Internet has helped consumers become more informed about their buying decisions, brands need to find ways to connect and engage with their followers by showing off their brand personalities. Even major brands such as T-Mobile has their CEOs and other executives socializing with users on social media.

2. You have to reach consumers everywhere

Today, it’s relatively difficult to reach your target audience just by merely “existing” with a website online. Now, you need to reach out on social media and also make sure your site can be easily interacted with across tablets, smartphones, and even tech-enabled wearables. Advertisers that are aware of the rise in mobile usage are currently in the process of working with startups to develop special apps and programs that will target users across all devices.

3. Videos may soon rule the roost

Market reports are consistently revealing that video advertising may soon overtake television advertising. Although you may be one of those individuals who clicks on “skip” automatically when watching online video content, advertisers are working on developing videos that you’ll feel compelled to share with friends and family. In some cases, advertisers are making their video ads interactive so users can engage with the ads, which could also result in piqued interest from the pesky whipper-snapper audience.

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