3 unique ways to maximize blog post reach

maximizing-blog-post-reachYou’ve just written a set of fabulous blog posts that will publish next week, which is great news for SEO. In fact, your blog posts are so well-written and full of valuable information that you’re sure they’ll result in leads and conversion after people read them, but that’s the wildcard factor. How are you going to be sure that people will even find your blog posts in the first place?

Blogs are only effective if they’re being shared and marketed, otherwise, they may not be getting the outreach they deserve.

Here are three unique ways you can maximize your blog post reach so they can ultimately result in sales.

1. Promote your blog posts across social media channels

Add images to your blog posts to increase their engagement rates, and add a brief, interesting blurb or question to the beginning of your blog title and link. Posts that contain a personal comment usually get far more engagement than “spammy” posts that just contain the blog title and link.

2. Look to see if your blog posts can help others on Twitter

Did you recently write a blog for your medical practice about how to use supplements for weight loss? Do keyword searches on Twitter to find posts by people looking for weight-loss tips, then respond to their tweet with a link back to your blog.

3. Share particular blog posts with leads

Based on what you know about your current prospects and leads, you can send certain blog posts to those with specific interests who would benefit from the information in the blog. For example, if someone downloaded your free ebook about social media best practices, send them a link to a blog you just published about how to use social media to engage with customers.

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