3 SEO strategies most people tend to overlook

seo-strategies-that-are-overlookedAs Google continues to make algorithm changes in favor of quality content, more and more webmasters are struggling to find new SEO techniques that can propel their websites back to the top of search. However, it’s possible that webmasters are making SEO more difficult than it needs to be. Google’s latest algorithm changes have actually simplified the SEO process, meaning that if you just stay focused on producing quality, original content, Google will continue to favor your website in search.

Have Google’s many algorithm changes been stressing you out? Is it possible you might have overlooked a few simple, key SEO strategies? Here are the top three SEO strategies most people tend to overlook when it comes to making their sites rank high in search.

1. Keyword variations

Instead of repeating the same keywords over and over in blog articles or site pages, use a variety of relevant keyword variations to boost your search ranking. Using a variety of keywords is an ideal way to get around the unfavorable art of keyword stuffing. For example, if you help manage a plastic surgery clinic, use the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” interchangeably. Same goes for using terms such as, “weight-loss surgery” and “bariatric surgery” if you run a weight-loss surgery clinic. This will help prospective customers or patients find your content more easily in search, since everyone uses different terminology.

2. The correct tags and formats

Web crawlers tend to overlook certain tags and formats, such as the bold tag </b>, for example. When the bold tag is used to place emphasis on certain keywords, web crawlers fail to understand the context, and instead, focus on content labeled with the strong tag </strong>. The strong tag tells search engines that keywords tagged in this manner are important, whereas the bold tag does not. Make sure you use the proper formatting when posting content on your site.

3. Internal links

Internal links allow search engines to crawl and index links throughout your site more efficiently. Whenever possible, create internal links in your blogs and articles that link to other relevant pages on your website. For example, when mentioning health care marketing or content marketing services on your inbound marketing website, link to these pages as demonstrated to maximize SEO. This practice can also help bring more traffic to pages that typically don’t receive many page views as it is.

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