3 reasons to venture into location-based marketing

location-based-marketingHave you ever looked online for a local business that offers specific types of products and services, but have failed to find one? Chances are, that business exists, but they have failed to make themselves visible online, which makes it difficult for prospective customers to find them. If you run a business that isn’t online, think about what this means for people who need and want your services, but can’t find you because you’re not online.

According to recent data from Nielsen, 91 percent of all people are now within arm’s reach of their smartphones. If your business isn’t taking advantage of location-based marketing, then you could be missing out on 91 percent of all prospective customers!

Here are three reasons you should consider venturing into location-based marketing.

1. People want a customized experience

Some brands allow customers to personalize their purchases. For example, Burger King’s tagline for over 40 years was “Have it your way,” which encouraged customers to request how they wanted their burgers made. Nike currently allows customers to design and customize their own athletic shoes. Now, thanks to smartphones, businesses can work with third-party developers to track people wherever they go, and offer products and services accordingly. If you can market your business at just the right time to people who truly need your services, they’ll be more inclined to visit your business.

2. You can target the right audience

Do you run a business that specializes in swimming pools and pool supplies? If so, you probably wouldn’t want to spend money on mobile ads that display to all users across the entire country. With location-based marketing, you can target the right audience based on demographics. You could even take advantage of weather forecasts and market your products and services to people who are experiencing extremely hot temperatures in their region. When marketing your business, take into consideration the type of people who could benefit most, and target those people at the right times.

3. You can stay ahead of competitors

If you now understand the concept of location-based marketing, you can take the next step toward implementing this marketing practice and get way ahead of your competitors. Change your inbound marketing strategy so your blog content, social media content, and other marketing efforts are focused more around location-based marketing. Industry analysts are predicting that by 2018, location-based mobile advertising will make up about 52 percent of all mobile advertising.

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