3 reasons to love Twitter’s new timeline algorithm

benefits of twitter algorithm changeThe term “algorithm” can induce nightmares in the most savvy and experienced of inbound marketers. Just when you think your website finally meets Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to a tee, the search giant rolls out another algorithm update. Just when you think you’ve finally mastered the art of advertising on Facebook, the social media platform announces an algorithm change to its timeline.

Last month we learned Twitter has plans to introduce an algorithm-based timeline that ranks popular tweets higher than recent tweets. While social media marketers may groan inwardly at this change, it’s important to look at the bright side of this update. After all, changes such as these can be expected to happen as long as they’re also being practiced by competing brands including Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Not feeling too positive about Twitter’s new algorithm update? Here are three reasons to embrace the update and make it work for your business!

1. Tweets will start living longer

The typical half life of a Twitter post is just under three hours, according to analysis performed by URL-shortening platform, Bitly. This means that a typical link on Twitter sees half of its total engagement in less than three hours. However, the new algorithm change can help extend the life of popular posts that generate engagement, since these posts will rank higher in timelines. Think “less is more” when developing posts, and publish the most interesting content at optimal times.

2. Trending topics will get more exposure

Twitter’s new algorithm tends to favor posts related to trending topics. Find new creative ways to devise posts for your brand based on trending topics. This will get your content bumped to the top of timelines everywhere — where it should stay awhile. Make sure posts are relevant, and that you’re not just devising content for the sake of using a trending hashtag.

3. Tweets will be ranked by engagement

Previously, tweets were ranked in chronological order; now, tweets are being ranked based on engagement. This means you no longer necessarily have to worry about posting regularly on a schedule; instead, spend more time developing quality posts that interest and benefit your followers and target audience. The more your posts are favorited and clicked on, the longer they’ll stay in plain view in user timelines everywhere.

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