3 powerful ways patient testimonials help your medical practice

power of patient testimonialsWhen it comes to health care and treatments, people want to hear real stories from real people about their experiences. Was the doctor nice, caring, and compassionate? Was the hospital clean? Did that new health treatment work? Being in good health makes people feel happy and comfortable, and nobody wants to work with a health practice that doesn’t have its patients best interests at heart. This is where patient testimonials come in.

Patient testimonials help show the world that your medical practice is amazing and effective at helping people becoming happier and healthier. Patient testimonials are real stories by real people, and can reveal a lot about your practice to prospective and current patients.

Does your medical practice feature patient testimonials on its site? If not, check out these three powerful ways testimonials can help change your business for the best:

1. Testimonials show stories instead of tell them

Experienced consumers already know that most businesses will say anything to lure in customers. But testimonials tell true stories about real experiences. It’s one thing to say that your medical practice offers treatments that can help people lose weight, but it’s another thing to hear real patients sing real praises about their real weight-loss success thanks to your products and services.

Prospective patients who read success stories written by other patients can better understand the services and experiences offered by your practice. Reach out to patients whose health and lives have been improved thanks to your clinic, and encourage them to write testimonials you can feature on your site.

2. Testimonials encourage caring and compassion

Excessive self-promotion is a major no-no in the marketing industry. But testimonials allow patients to do all the promoting for you, and often feature positive emotional keywords, such as “kindness,” “compassion,” “thoughtful,” and “gentle.” New patients who browse patient testimonials can gain a comforting sense about the way your medical practice treats its patients.

3. Testimonials are inspiring

Patient testimonials can be inspiring, uplifting, and motivating to those who struggle with their own health problems and require help and treatment. Testimonials that describe how patients overcome health problems are often heartfelt, and show how humans are able to face adversity and take control of their lives to become healthier and happier.

Start featuring buttons on your health care site that say “Tell us your story,” then wait for submissions to roll in. Pretty soon, you’ll have new patients at your doorstep eager to receive treatment so they can join the rest of the pack and share their own inspiring testimonials.

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