3 phrases not to use above the fold on homepages

tips-for-homepagesThe average person spends about 10 seconds reviewing a website’s homepage before deciding whether they want to stay and look around, or leave and go somewhere else. If you fail to make the right impression within those 10 seconds, you could be missing out on many potential leads.

Some words and phrases are major turn-offs for customers. Take a look at the following three words and phrases you should avoid placing above the fold on your homepage.

1. “Save time and money”

While saving time and money could definitely benefit most people, this term is simply too subjective to feature at the top of your homepage. Plus, if you’re offering great value, your customers may not care as much about the amount of money they’re spending on your services. This particular phrase has also been overused to the point that most people immediately disregard this message upon reading it. Instead of posting this phrase on your site, find another way to get your point across, such as through an illustration, photo, or another catchphrase that isn’t as vague.

2. “Our” and “we”

Inbound marketing is about focusing on the customer’s needs, not on your own. Refrain from using the terms, “our” and “we” on your homepage; otherwise, customers will instantly get the impression that you care more about your own well-being, and not theirs. If “our” and “we” aren’t being used in the right context, rewrite your content so customers understand what’s in it for them.

3. “Expert”

The term “expert” is often overused, and is an adjective you shouldn’t have to use because your expertise should speak for itself. In today’s competitive business market, you have to prove that you’re really an expert by producing great content and showing prospects how you’ve helped other customers. As a whole, try to avoid making any proud self-proclamations. In addition to omitting the word “expert” from above the fold, eliminate all similar cliché words and phrases, such as “strategic,” “innovative,” “analytical,” “proven track record,” and “ground-breaking.”

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