3 newest trends in healthcare marketing

healthcare-marketing-trendsRemember when healthcare marketing consisted of featuring posters and brochures about various medical conditions and procedures in waiting rooms? Thanks to technology, this method of marketing to patients is no longer the only way to reach and educate patients about the services you offer. In fact, technology has forever changed marketing as we know it, which is positive news for your healthcare practice.

Here are the three newest trends in healthcare marketing, and how you can use them to your advantage for medical marketing purposes.

1. Social media

According to a new report released by Business Insider, social media is now the top and most popular Internet activity, more so than email. As it stands, most medical practices have held off on using social media for professional reasons for fear of being at risk for HIPAA violations. While certain HIPAA restrictions might make it difficult to engage with patients on social media, it can still be done, which is highly recommended if you want to get ahead of your competitors.

2. Wearable health tech

Many startups are now in the process of developing wearable health monitors that can sync up with smartphone apps and track real-time and historical health data. For example, those with high blood pressure could wear a type of heart rate monitor that keeps physicians informed on patients at high risk for health complications. Including one or more types of wearable health tech in your medical treatments could attract patients interested in being part of this new trend.

3. Patients are now consumers

Thanks to the Internet, patients can now be picky when it comes to selecting a healthcare provider. Gone are the days when patients drove to the nearest health clinic or hospital. Now, patients can browse your services online and choose to work with the healthcare provider that can engage with them on a more personal level. Additionally, patients will do their own research online prior to visiting your practice, and are more informed than ever about their healthcare options. Make sure your website is designed to appeal to patients, who in reality, are now consumers.

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