3 more ways to repurpose blog content

repurposing-blog-contentRepurposing blog content is a content marketing manager’s most valuable trick of the trade. The benefits to repurposing blog content include saving time and money while also sending a valuable message to your customers. Previously, we shared these five creative ways to to repurpose content using methods such as Slideshare, infographics, and ebooks.

Want to get even more out of the quality content you’ve been developing? Here are three more creative ways to repurpose old blog content.

1. YouTube

Do you have any existing how-to or instructional blogs posted to your site? If so, these types of articles are ideal for being repurposed into YouTube videos. Also, do you frequently host interviews or webinars? Make sure you upload these videos to YouTube and share them with your audience. When posting videos on YouTube for your business, always make sure you link back to your website in the description and respond to and engage with all users who comment on your videos.

2. Pinterest

Has your business recently taken any photos of new products or industry events? If so, start sharing them on Pinterest! To be successful at using Pinterest, make sure your profile features pin boards that are both brand- and industry-related to attract new followers and keep them engaged. Also, post images frequently that feature your company’s logos, infographics, and products.

3. Flickr

Many people haven’t yet caught on to Flickr, but this photo-sharing website is quickly becoming a valuable marketing tool to brands and companies that span all industries. In fact, most individuals who are familiar with both Flickr and Pinterest say that Flickr is better at displaying images and has a more user-friendly interface that makes it easy to upload and edit photos. However, companies must keep in mind that they’re prohibited from selling products on Flickr, but can still use the site to engage with customers and publicize their brands.

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