3 life-saving blog topic generators to help you spark new ideas

If you’re in charge of writing blogs for your business or medical clinic, there are times you’ll experience dry spells when tasked with developing new blog topics. If your business typically offers just a few products or services, sometimes it can feel as if you’ve exhausted nearly every relevant topic under the sun. Fortunately, our fellow writers have developed tools that make it super easy to come up with new blog ideas when you’re feeling stumped.

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If you’re a writer in desperate need of new ideas for your blog, check out these three life-saving blog topic generators that’ll help you find your way.

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Enter one subject or keyword into Portent’s Content Idea Generator and receive one very original, specific blog title in return. The tool suggests using the singular version of your keyword for the best results. Earlier this afternoon I used the tool to generate a blog title about alcohol rehab, and my result was “How alcohol rehab could help Betty Draper be a better mom,” which I felt was oddly specific, yet genius.

2. Fat Joe’s Blog Post Title Idea Generator

This tool on the Fat Joe website generates 10 “click-sexy” blog titles for every keyword you enter. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the first round of titles, just click “Generate 10 more ideas” to see 10 more unique blog titles. Compared to most other blog topic generators, Fat Joe’s stands out due to its abundance of highly original ideas that will have you thinking about topics in an entirely new light.

3. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This free tool from the inbound marketing experts at HubSpot allows you to enter three noun keywords to generate five blog post titles. If you don’t like the first batch of results returned, simply click “Try Again” to view another five results. While HubSpot’s tool isn’t completely perfect and tends to recycle the same titles pretty frequently, the tool is still effective at helping you view old topics from a new angle.

These blog topic generators are worth checking out even if you rarely experience writer’s block, since they’ll help you think of new ideas you might never have considered! Take a moment to review the results and see if they inspire you to approach topics differently from here on out. Sometimes, just one idea from a third party is all you need to jumpstart your creativity and start seeing things in a new light.

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