3 key takeaways from my Inbound 2015 experience

3 key takeaways from hubspot inbound 2015At Inbound 2015, a mass of inbound marketers (myself included) squeezed into the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to listen to a range of speakers including Seth Godin, Bren Brown, and Chelsea Clinton. After these “keynote” speeches, we were able to attend classes led by other marketers, writers, and designers. In short, it was marketing information overload. It is actually pretty challenging to pick only a few things we learned about marketing to include in just one blog, but here are a few key points I kept hearing over and over throughout the conference:

Website design: the customer path

The focus here was to start and end the design process by honing in on the customer path. At every fork in the website road, we should be asking ourselves, as designers and marketers, what it is we want our site visitors to do. Do we want them to download an e-book? Learn more about our company? Schedule a consultation? As we answer these questions, we should tailor the site accordingly – from wireframe to final design.

Email: Dont skimp on the subject line

It turns out that subject lines matter … in a big way. According to Jami Oetting, the editor for one of HubSpot’s blogs, 85 percent of emails are opened based on the subject line. If we are able to hit a pain point or pique the interest of a reader in the subject line, the email will almost certainly get opened, and an opened email, as we all know, can be a first step in the path to a sale. The key takeaway here is to study your buyer personas and carefully craft a subject line that speaks to them.

Blogs: Old material – irrelevant or important?

Before my HubSpot training and attending the Inbound conference, I thought there wasn’t much use for this dated content. Why would clients be interested in our older posts? Isn’t that old stuff dry and irrelevant? The answer is, apparently, no. According to Corey Eridon, HubSpot’s blog editor, 92 percent of HubSpot’s blog-sourced leads came from older posts. It turns out that good, meaningful content is always in style. So what can you do to take advantage of this? First, go back and make sure all of your old posts are optimized for SEO. Next, revisit popular posts from the past, find unanswered questions in them, and create a new post with updated content.

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