3 holiday marketing best practices

holiday-marketingE-commerce holiday sales are projected to increase by 16.6 percent this year from last, and it’s the time of year during which all advertisers and marketers are developing their holiday marketing strategies. Do you work in the inbound marketing field? Here are three best practices you can implement that will help make the most out of your holiday marketing efforts.

1. Make your campaign personal

Think of fun, unique ways to reach and affect all your customers in a personal manner. During the holidays of 2006, OfficeMax developed a campaign known as “Elf Yourself,” which was a website on which users could upload photos of themselves and watch themselves dancing like elves on the website. Participants were then allowed to share the content with friends and family via the web. OfficeMax’s Elf Yourself campaign was so successful that it continues to return year after year and now exists as a smartphone app.

2. Get employees involved

If you run a small business and don’t have a large marketing budget, find creative ways to include your employees in spreading the word about your brand. Outdoor and sporting goods retailer REI previously developed a #giftpicks campaign in which users tweeted at REI for gift recommendations, and were answered by employees who sometimes included custom-made video recommendations. Customers can connect more with a brand that offers a personal touch as shown in this example.

3. Go mobile

As more and more users rely on their smartphones and tablets for web browsing and shopping, it’s becoming more important than ever to make sure your website is functional across all mobile devices. In fact, 16 percent of all last year’s e-commerce sales took place on mobile devices. Two years ago, Macy’s partnered with eBay in the launching of a mobile app known as Black Friday, which informed customers of sales and special offers before they became available.

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