3 customers your small business may be neglecting

customers you're neglectingAcquiring new customers on a consistent basis is quite the achievement, especially if you run a small business. But when business is finally booming and sales are great, your focus can tend to shift more toward how to continue to acquire more customers and less toward how to maintain the customers you’ve recently acquired. On the other hand, you could be failing to overlook what most would consider to be “common sense” approaches to getting new customers.

Here are the three types of customers your small business may be neglecting:

1. Repeat customers

In most cases, an estimated 30 percent of all sales should come from your loyal, repeat customers. Your repeat customers are already familiar with the way you do business, and are already mostly familiar with the products and services you offer.

Here are some of the best ways to get repeat customers if you don’t already have any:

  • Follow and engage with all your customers on social media.
  • Offer customers special discounts and exclusive items during their next visit.
  • Ask your customers to sign up for your email newsletters.
  • Ask customers what new products and services they want to see from you.

2. Referral customers

Satisfied customers will tell all their friends and family about your business, and could even mention you on their social media channels! Referrals are, of course, one of the easiest ways to make sales since your customers are already doing the legwork for you.

Follow these steps to get more referral customers:

  • Offer free promotional items that feature your logo and web address. When they use or wear the item, others will see your brand and often become referrals.
  • Ask your favorite customers to spread the word. As long as you do so in a tasteful manner, ask your customers if they can recommend your business to others if they are satisfied with your products and services.
  • Include business cards with their purchases, which may eventually get passed on to others.
  • Give customers incentives for bringing in referrals, such as free service, a gift, or discount.

3. Local customers

In most communities throughout the United States, most people are happy to support local small businesses, mainly out of pride for their towns or cities, and also because local businesses offer employment opportunities.

Follow these steps to attract more customers in your local area:

  • Sponsor or participate in local community charity events.
  • Form a partnership with businesses in other industries for cross promotion. For example, do you run a small gym? Partner up with a local fitness clothing store and develop a small marketing campaign.
  • Label all products and marketing copy with expressions such as, “Based proudly out of Kansas City” or “A Kansas City advertising and marketing agency.”

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