3 crucial steps to leading your company’s content marketing team

tips for content marketingYou’ve probably heard that “content” is the latest buzzword in marketing. Content is the lifeline of a great marketing or advertising campaign. Creating great content that is relevant to your target audience can help you drive leads to your website and convert them into customers for your business. However great your marketing content is, it becomes a burden when you attempt to analyze it. Not only is content marketing a core discipline, but it involves the terrifying aspect of writing. You should know how to properly use content marketing to your advantage and how to analyze content to improve your marketing efforts.

Here are three crucial steps to become a better content marketing leader from Clifford Jones, founder and managing partner of Conversion Marketing Experts:

    1. Commit to learning — Stop beating yourself up, dump the excuses about being too busy or being a poor writer, and commit to learning more about content marketing. Subscribe to HubSpot and the Content Marketing Institute, where you will find great resources including books, guides, courses, training programs, and articles about content marketing for your business.
    2. Get involved with your team as much as they need you — Leadership needs to be involved in the content marketing process. Strategizing with the CEO or president of your company is important because they may need to approve all of the created content. You might find that your team will struggle to deploy an effective content marketing strategy for your business unless all channels are deeply involved.
    3. Measure results — Allow your team to coach and guide you through the data about key performance indicators. You may find that there are numerous ways to measure results with different systems, various silos of data, and employees with different approaches and skillsets. Commit to the strategy and learn as you measure the results of your campaign.

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