3 content strategies guaranteed to convert social media followers

convert-followersWhen sitting down to devise content and social media posts for your business, take your own personal experience with social media into consideration. Sure, you may follow several brands on Facebook and Twitter because you like their products, but how often do you really click on links shared by these businesses?
Social media marketing is one of the top ways to attract new leads and get your brand’s name out there, but what happens after you attract followers? Your goal is to lure followers to your site and convert them into satisfied customers who click and share your posts with their own friends and followers.
Here are three content strategies guaranteed to convert social media followers into real customers.

1. Post shareable, high-quality links

Identify pages or blog articles on your site that followers find most interesting. Infographics, list articles, and photos are examples of content that offer high click-through rates when shared via social media. The higher in quality your links are, the more they’ll be shared across the Web by your brand’s friends and followers. Plus, this allows your brand to benefit from higher rankings in organic search, considering Google ranks social media sites high in online authority.

2. Be persuasive, fun, and intriguing

Give followers a reason to click on your social media posts. Offer clear calls to action, or mysterious teaser posts that promise to reveal more when followers click your links.
Last Thanksgiving, Showtime’s official Twitter account for its hit series Dexter posted a photo that got people talking about apossible Dexter revival. The photo’s text read “His knife’s freshly sharpened,” which led to a buzz in the community about the network’s plans to relaunch the series. While Showtime’s news hasn’t been made official, the network accomplished what it set out to do, which was to get followers interested in the show and its brand.
When crafting posts, try including text, links, and media that teases your audience and persuades them to learn more.

3. Spend more time on headlines

While you may spend more time writing the “meat” of your blog articles, take a few extra moments to consider your blog headlines. Would you click them in your own social media timelines? Be as specific as possible with titles so they interest the people they’re meant for: your target audience. Blog headlines must create value for your followers, so make them count!
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