3 life-saving blog topic generators to help you spark new ideas

If you’re in charge of writing blogs for your business or medical clinic, there are times you’ll experience dry spells when tasked with developing new blog topics. If your business typically offers just a few products or services, sometimes it can feel as if you’ve exhausted nearly every relevant topic under the sun. Fortunately, our fellow writers have developed tools … Read More

Get more leads from your emails with these guidelines

Email blasts have been used in business for many years now — like, seriously, for an entire generation, isn’t that crazy? — to help spread the word for companies. We bet you get these emails everyday. Want to know more about how an inbound marketing program can grow your business? Contact AGENCY H Inbound today! In a world where literally … Read More

How to match your content to the stages of the Buyer’s Journey

match content to buyers journey

We are all about writing about content as it relates to the stages of the buyer’s journey around here. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why would the bright and creative minds at AGENCY H choose to dedicate so many different blog posts to this topic?” Well, dear reader, the answer is quite simple: because it’s THAT DANG IMPORTANT. Want to know … Read More

7 ways to create content that your audience actually wants

creating meaningful content

The key to success in content marketing is relevance. Your content needs to have a purpose and provide real value in order to earn your audience’s trust and keep them coming back for more. And creating content with a purpose means understanding what your customers really want — what’s important to them, what challenges they face, and what they expect … Read More

How does blogging help attract new visitors and convert leads?

You’ve likely heard that blogging can do great things for your business and online presence. And this is true! Well, sort of. This is sort of true. The simple act of blogging isn’t enough —  not by half. You need to blog well and you need to blog smart in order to see any sort of turn-around on your investment. … Read More