You’re missing out by not being on Instagram

why you need instagram

When it comes to new technology and trends, I can usually be categorized as a “late majority” adopter on the curve. It basically took me until 2016 to catch up to 2012. I didn’t purchase a smartphone until a few years ago. I ride a pterodactyl to work. I even still play my old Nintendo games, as evidenced by my … Read More

How can you sleep at night without an SEO campaign?

why you need an SEO campaign

I lie awake some nights replaying conversations in my head, conjuring up flawless rebuttals to arguments I’ve already lost. I spend other nights analyzing my every action during the previous day, wondering if it was truly necessary to eat that entire large pizza after 8 p.m. Recently though, I’ve found myself thinking about something more worthwhile: the future. Not my … Read More

Tips for converting leads into cosmetic surgery patients

converting leads into cosmetic surgery patients

The Internet is a marvelous place. It’s the ultimate resource for finding things like power boat shaped like sharks or aquarium coffee tables to buy, or — on a more useful note — self-diagnosing the common cold. In fact, as long as we’re talking medical, there’s something you should know: Over half of the existing cosmetic surgery patients say they … Read More

The value of testimonials for your business

how testimonials can help your business

Bad news for traditional marketers: It is no longer the era of “build it and they will come” brick-and-mortar storefronts. You now have to prove yourself as a worthy opponent to many large businesses providing the exact same services as you. One of the best ways to help your business stand out is with customer testimonials. What are customer testimonials, … Read More

How to find the right keywords for your content

building a keyword strategy

Before the summer of 2015, if you had entered the term “just do it” in a search engine, your results would most likely be related to Nike. However, that fateful summer, a young man named Shia LaBeouf was seen in a motivational video screaming “Just do it!” at viewers. To this day, if you search that term, the top results … Read More

Dr. Dre and 3 other things marketers forget when creating content

content marketers often forget these things and Dr. Dre

Nowadays, everybody wanna blog like they got something to say. And many of them do, indeed, have educational, relevant content for their subscribers and visitors. But sometimes, we content creators get so settled into the groove of routinely pumping out interesting and useful literature that we forget specific inbound marketing best practices that will attract readers and keep them coming … Read More

Why your brand voice matters, and how inbound can help

brand voice and inbound marketing

My high school English teacher, Ms. Solli, was a terrifying woman. I don’t think she’d mind my saying so. She wasn’t particularly imposing to look at, but she had absolute and total control of the room. When Ms. Solli spoke, the back row — notoriously filled with troublemakers and slackers — was silent. The popular girls who would usually spend … Read More

How to decide if your business needs an app

apps for businesses

By now, you’re probably aware that people spend a lot of time on mobile devices, and investing in a well-designed mobile website is a great idea. But the question that’s probably in the back of your mind (for some, it’s further back in the mind, but I know it’s in there) is: “Do I need a mobile app for my … Read More

5 common website mistakes that hurt your conversion rates

protect your conversion rates

In the early days of the Internet, most websites functioned like online brochures: All you had to do was write a few pages about your company and your services, make sure your phone number was prominent, include a contact form, and you were good to go. These brochure sites were basically response channels — a method of providing more information … Read More

How to make inbound marketing work for your dental practice

inbound marketing for dentists

If I wake up with a toothache, the first thing I do is open up my laptop and hop on WebMD to make sure it’s not directly related to a terrifying tumor in my brain. This is obvious. I need to make sure I’ll live long enough to find a dentist. The second thing I do — after I’ve determined … Read More

Inbound marketing in the Adblock era

inbound marketing in the adblock era

It’s eight in the morning and you’ve just sat down at your desk. Your face is still pillow-pressed and you’re questioning whether or not you accidentally drank decaf. It’s time to warm up to the world with a little bit of morning news. You pull up whatever your usual Internet stop of the day is — news or otherwise — … Read More

Four SEO tips you need to know this summer

new SEO tips

Ahhhhh, summer. I live for the long days of hot weather, the beckoning of the lake and wakeboarding, slacklining for hours on end, and climbing on one side of an Arkansas valley in the shade and shifting to the other as the sun moves. I can’t wait to get outside and do all of these things I love and more. … Read More

Body contouring procedures and content marketing: A perfect marriage

content marketing and cosmetic surgery

It’s no secret: The relationship between content marketing and the healthcare industry is hot, and we’re proud to point out our expertise in that area. And while we’re talking about healthcare, there’s one fast-growing subdivision that will greatly benefit from content marketing strategies: Cosmetic surgery — and specifically, body contouring procedures. Why content marketing works The nice thing about a … Read More