4 hot website essentials for your health care practice

Having a prominent online presence is essential to attracting new patients and maintaining existing patients for your medical practice. Considering most of today’s patients pay more out of pocket for health services, the Internet has become a vital tool in determining which health care practices are the best based on their services, availability, and online patient reviews. If your website … Read More

3 reasons to love Twitter’s new timeline algorithm

The term “algorithm” can induce nightmares in the most savvy and experienced of inbound marketers. Just when you think your website finally meets Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to a tee, the search giant rolls out another algorithm update. Just when you think you’ve finally mastered the art of advertising on Facebook, the social media platform announces an algorithm change to its … Read More

5 ways to improve patient retention

Patient acquisition and patient attraction are usually what most health care practices focus on when trying to maximize ROI, but patient retention is a metric that often falls by the wayside. Retaining patients requires less time and money than attracting new patients, which is why it’s important that your medical marketing practice learns how to keep and satisfy existing patients. … Read More

3 powerful ways patient testimonials help your medical practice

When it comes to health care and treatments, people want to hear real stories from real people about their experiences. Was the doctor nice, caring, and compassionate? Was the hospital clean? Did that new health treatment work? Being in good health makes people feel happy and comfortable, and nobody wants to work with a health practice that doesn’t have its … Read More

Instagram calms users after algorithm scare

Considering how online algorithm updates have changed the landscape in terms of SEO and SERP, most marketers cringe when they hear the term used in reference to Google Search and social media. While algorithm updates are mainly intended to enhance the user experience, some lesser-prepared inbound marketers view them as bad news and go into a frenzy when they learn … Read More

4 ways to humanize the user experience on your website

So you’ve finally launched a website for your business, complete with a blog, social media integration, pages for all your services and products, and a shopping cart. But for some reason, people aren’t engaging with your website, and they’re not buying your products and services. What’s going on? Try to think about how shoppers would view your website if it … Read More

3 places to find non-cheesy stock photos

best free stock photo websites

There’s a fiery passion burning inside my heart, and it stems from my limitless hatred for garishly fake stock photography. Mostly, I despise stock photos of people, because they look terrible, and it’s distractingly obvious they’re staged. I cringe whenever I see a man in a business suit circling the word “Streamline,” or two characterless professionals emulating an anodyne smile … Read More

4 features patients want on your health care site

Having a website for your health care practice can make your business look more professional, trusted, and established. But on the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that patients come first, and that your website should be user-friendly and designed specifically to satisfy patients. When patients and health consumers visit your website, they’re often looking for specific information, … Read More

Google announces new mobile algorithm for May

If you’re an inbound marketer, you probably already understand the importance of staying on top of Google’s endless algorithm updates. After all, being complacent with your inbound marketing campaign and failing to change with the times means lower rankings in search, and lower ROI for the businesses you support. Last month, Google announced on its Webmaster blog that its mobile-friendly … Read More

4 easy ways to spring-clean your medical website

Spring cleaning is a popular seasonal ritual that helps clear your head and environment of unnecessary clutter. Just like having a clean, tidy home can make you seem like a proud, responsible homeowner, having a clean, easy-to-navigate website can make your health practice look authoritative and professional. Does your medical website need a major spring refresh? Check out these four … Read More

A BIGSHOT internship from an intern’s perspective

Recently, one of our interns jotted down a few thoughts about her experience at AGENCY H. Isabel worked with AGENCY H for approximately three months as a Junior Social Media Coordinator, and enjoyed her time at the company enough to share her wisdom. Note that the stock photo used for this article does not include Isabel. It’s a stock photo. … Read More

3 signs Penguin 4.0 is coming soon

It’s been about a year and a half since Google rolled out Penguin 3.0, and rumors circulating in the marketing industry say that Penguin 4.0 is coming soon. By now, it should come as no surprise that Google is always planning new major updates, especially since the search giant makes numerous little changes to its algorithm on a regular basis. … Read More

Facebook launches Delivery Insights for advertisers

Marketing firms that use Facebook Ads Manager can now benefit from a new ad system called Delivery Insights, which helps advertisers identify ad sets that under-deliver. This feature, which began its initial rollout at the end of March, informs advertisers about how their ads compete at auction, and offers recommendations about how to make ads more successful and competitive.

5 crazy marketing tactics that lure audiences

Inbound marketing experts at HubSpot once mentioned on a content marketing webinar that audiences can never resist photos of babies and cute animals. According to HubSpot, these images produce more click-throughs and higher conversion rates due to activating the pleasure center of the brain known as the nucleus accumbens, and triggering pleasure hormone dopamine. As a result, your customers can … Read More

HubSpot CRM workflows convert medical clinic leads to patients

You’ve done all the work. You’re inbound certified, you hired an agency to handle the content creation and put in place the proper workflows and CTAs to drive new leads to your clinic. So why don’t you have the new patients you envisioned gaining? If the problem is that your inbound marketing program isn’t delivering sales qualified leads, you may … Read More

How to win over Generation Z with your marketing campaign

Just when you think youâ€ve finally learned how to reach Millennials with your inbound marketing campaign, enter Generation Z — the generation also known as Post-Millennials. Generation Z, which is composed of individuals born throughout the late 1990s to the 2010s, are even more skilled with using the Internet than their predecessors. This young generation has grown up watching their … Read More