5 smart ways to attract local customers with inbound marketing

Managing inbound marketing for your business can be tricky if you cater mainly to a local audience. While SEO might be easier to work with since youâ€re competing for high search rankings restricted to your area, you might face problems with link-building in an already saturated market, especially if your competitors have a strong online presence. In regards to social … Read More

How to boost pageviews on old content by over 400%

Evergreen content is generally defined as timeless SEO content that stays fresh and relevant over a long period of time. While news articles, statistics updates, and content about holidays and fads can be effective at generating inbound traffic for your site, these types of content eventually expire, and join the ranks of dead blog articles that no longer get read. … Read More

3 amazing YouTube analytics & marketing tools

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media tools you can use to market your business. YouTube belongs to Google, and optimizes videos in a way that helps you attract more clicks and raise brand awareness. Any company can easily create and post videos to YouTube, but how do you really generate views and subscribers? How can you make … Read More

3 important medical marketing metrics you can’t ignore

Online medical marketing is highly similar to regular inbound marketing, with greater focus on patient acquisition and the ability to retain patients. While health care websites should be designed to engage visitors, deliver educational content, and achieve good search engine rankings just like any other website, these sites should also exhibit traits that focus on attracting new patients and keeping … Read More

5 tips for creating the most successful Twitter ads

With over 130,000 active advertisers, Twitter is one of social mediaâ€s top advertising platforms after Facebook. Given the micro-blogging platform limits posts to 140 characters, how can your marketing firm develop great messages that generate the likes and retweets they deserve? Should you max out every tweet at 140 characters, or get creative using fewer words? Should you add images, … Read More

9 major changes hitting your favorite social media platforms this year

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4 more reliable ways to generate positive online reviews from patients

A few years ago, we discussed these four ways to generate positive online reviews for your medical practice. Since then, we’ve learned even more about the importance of online reviews in the health care industry, and about how to effectively collect these reviews from patients. Before choosing health care providers for themselves or their families, most people go online to … Read More

4 amazing reasons to promote your health care brand using social media

Hospitals, clinics, and many other health care organizations still haven’t integrated social media marketing into their inbound marketing campaigns. Some health care brands say their budgets lack funds for social media, while others admit to shying away from social media for fear of violating HIPAA regulations and medical ethics codes. Considering not too many health care brands are on board … Read More

5 tricks for making blogs more engaging

how to keep content alive

Blogging as part of content marketing is a special skill that requires practice and training in the art of inbound marketing. Being a great writer doesn’t necessarily mean your blogging skills are automatically up to par with marketing; in fact, articles that sound too fancy and complex, or that fail to connect with your target audience won’t bring in the … Read More

How Google’s removal of sidebar ads affects organic search

Google is famous for updating its search algorithm several times per year to improve and enhance the user experience. Google knows that the more satisfied users are with search results, the more often they’ll visit and come to rely on Google Search as their preferred search engine. Now, instead of rolling out yet another algorithm update, Google has decided to … Read More

3 ways to help plastic surgeons reach younger patients through inbound marketing

It’s no secret that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are most often performed on people aged 40 years or older. In fact, it’s basically the opposite of a secret, because the information is publicly available thanks to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In 2014, almost 80 percent of all plastic surgeries were performed on patients over 40. Obviously, it would … Read More

3 hot social media apps to try in 2016

Social media has taken our world by storm, and it’s not going away anytime soon! Using social media to promote your business is one of the top ways to engage consumers with your brand, and should be included as part of your inbound marketing strategy. Social media trends are constantly evolving, and are now the go-to platforms for communication between … Read More

3 benefits to hiring a HubSpot-certified marketing agency

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5 ways to attract more patients to your medical practice

boosting patient acquisition through inbound marketing

Medical professionals like doctors and dentists are still hesitant to switch from traditional advertising to modern inbound marketing methods, despite the fact that medical professionals can benefit significantly from a solid inbound marketing plan. By implementing a few easy tactics to increase patient response and conversion rates, your medical practice can enjoy a greater return on marketing investments.