Website design: Why user experience is important to consider

No longer can you simply design a beautiful website and see the results in your ROI if you aren’t designing with the consumer in mind. And it’s more than that: you have to think about what your customer is looking for and provide it quickly, or be prepared for visitors to jump ship to your competitors’ sites.

What marketers love about inbound marketing!

Inbound marketing brings your relevant target audience to you instead of having you waste money on expensive outbound tactics like television commercials, radio ads and billboards. Yes, inbound marketing is way more affordable than outbound!

3 key takeaways from my Inbound 2015 experience

At Inbound 2015, a mass of inbound marketers (myself included) squeezed into the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to listen to a range of speakers including Seth Godin, Bren Brown, and Chelsea Clinton. After these “keynote” speeches, we were able to attend classes led by other marketers, writers, and designers. In short, it was marketing information overload. It is actually … Read More

How long does inbound marketing take to show results?

Inbound marketing increases your ROI, attracts relevant customers, establishes a two-way communication platform, and provides your audience with useful content – keeping them informed, delighted, and more likely to spread the word about your business.

Clinical trial marketing: Generating and nurturing leads

Simply put, generating leads is about capturing contact information from your site visitors in the hopes of converting them into participants. When it comes to inbound marketing, the best way to gather user information is to offer relevant content in exchange for contact information.

3 ways inbound marketers can use Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to know exactly how many people celebrate Thanksgiving, but we know that number is high because over 40 million Americans travel for the holiday and over 50 million watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on TV. Those numbers tell inbound marketers they should start creating content with Thanksgiving in mind.

Emails & Newsletters: What type of template is best?

Designing the best email or newsletter for your target audience begins with a design template. Email templates can become complex with so many elements you want to include, but keep a few things in mind when designing your company’s template.

BIGSHOT CEO details his first trip to HubSpot’s Inbound conference

On the whole, I would say mission accomplished on hitting my goals for the conference. HubSpot, the host and creator of the inbound marketing platform that bears its name, did a great job of mixing marketing with sales, business with pleasure, and education with enlightenment.

Lead generation: How to craft a great email subject line

When it comes to writing an email, the subject line is your initial selling point. Much like a elevator pitch for your business, you want to intrigue your target audience into engaging with your brand by opening your email.

Why you need to consider outsourcing to an agency

Businesses of all sorts require marketing to get their name out to the public. Reaching as much of your target audience as possible can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Clinical trial marketing: Targeting your target message and next steps

Before you start talking to potential study participants, you have to fully understand who they are andwhat motivates them to make decisions about medical treatment. Having a clear view of your ideal patient will help you target every aspect of your marketing campaign to the right audience.

Why cosmetic surgeons need social media marketing

The cosmetic surgery industry is huge, and due to the ever-increasing engagement with visual content on the Internet, it’s important for every plastic surgery practice to adjust its marketing strategy accordingly.

Inbound 2015: Make it your own

The “make it your own” idea was highlighted in Boston at Inbound 2015 in the seminars I attended. My intent was to take in as many of the “Grow your agency”-centric seminars as possible: Grow the Hell Out of Your Agency, How to Grow Your Agency without Breaking, How I Built My Business, etc.

3 reasons to shift from outbound to inbound

If you’ve worked in marketing at any point during the last five to ten years, you’ve likely heard of or used inbound marketing. Inbound is the strategy of reaching an online audience through tactics such as useful content, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email.